Celebrate the Light

This letter brings my heartfelt wishes for a truly joyous holiday season and an abundant New Year for all of you. The Winter Solstice (December 21st in the Northern Hemisphere) is one of the most important Celestial events of the year and it has always been a festival of lights in every culture. In ancient times, people knew that winter would be hard and so they found a way to feel hope in the season of dark. In Celtic societies, Yule was a time to gather in families around warm fires with Yule logs burning and Santa Lucia, in Scandinavia, wore a crown of lighted candles, to name a few traditions.

Last June, I was in Cuzco, Peru, and witnessed the preparations for their Winter Solstice. It was also a celebration of light, especially fire works, and it gave me a broader perspective of the balancing of opposites on our planet. Our winter solstice is their summer solstice; our summer solstice is their winter solstice.

Here we are, on the brink of a shift—the Winter Solstice of 2012 has been heralded for quite some time as a galactic alignment, or a shift of the Earth’s poles or for some it is the perennial “end of the world” predictions that were vividly portrayed in a feature movie. I hope you are all clear that we have a choice about how we perceive this shift. I truly believe that we have been experiencing it for quite some time, the question is: how have you been feeling it?

There are two themes that have emerged over and over again. The first is that we can either choose to live in fear or in love during this important time. If that sounds sappy, I want to assure you that this is the most intentional choice you can make: within yourself, within your personal relationships and with all life on this Earth. Love is not a little moment; it is not something like “aw, that was sweet.” It is the most powerful energy in the universe and it is important to practice accessing this energy. Just like fear, love is a state of being; a state of consciousness, and we do have a choice. Love is something that radiates from within and affects all those around you. The more you practice love, the more it increases in intensity. The great shift is this: those who choose love over fear are transforming the Earth. We are literally vibrating at a higher frequency.

The second theme, which is related to the first, is the shift that I have been writing about for nearly 15 years. It is the return of the Divine Feminine into our consciousness and the return of the balance of masculine and feminine energy to its rightful dance. All life has complimentary and opposing polarities and our western cultures have been wobbling for the last several thousand years, seriously out of balance because of the willful suppression of the feminine in all its forms. Now, values such as compassion and cooperation are emerging out of a very dark night of violence and separation and it is at a crucial time for our planet.

I hope you choose love. I hope you allow compassion and cooperation to thrive. Blessings, Linda

Maiden, Mother, Wise Woman: Reclaiming Our Sexuality

Reclaiming Goddess Sexuality, Revised Edition

Womb Wisdom – guided imagery with original soundtrack by Peter Girard

Linda E. Savage, Ph.D.
Author of Reclaiming Goddess Sexuality: The Power of the Feminine Way
& Maiden, Mother, Wise Woman: Reclaiming Our Sexuality
AASECT Certified Sex Educator