Hello My Friends,

Did you know that long before we had Valentine’s Day, people celebrated “sweetest day” as a day for lovers to express their heartfelt wishes for their beloved?

I always wondered why the middle of February and why a celibate monk would be associated with a celebration of romantic love. Perhaps you’ve wondered about that as well. Several years ago I found out that the traditions are rooted in a very important fact of nature. This time period is and always has been when the birds choose their mates in preparation for spring chicks. So, unlike the popular notion that this is just a made up “Hallmark Card Day” there really is a reason for celebrating romance at this time of year.

Just yesterday I began hearing the birds outside my office window trilling the most beautiful songs, loud and clear, and very different from ordinary peeping or twittering that I might hear at any other time of the year. Check it out yourself, just listen to their songs; these are messages of yearning and hope, a call to mate.

Now many of you may find the day of celebration for romantic love problematic. The two most common reasons are: you find yourself without someone on this day or the relationship with your partner of many years does not feel very romantic and the dinner and cards feel more like an empty ritual.

As far as the first dilemma, there are many ways to celebrate your Beloved at this or any time. First and foremost you may choose to honor yourself and/or the spiritual connection with Source as the Beloved within. You can create a ritual on this day and meditate on the miracle of your loving heart. You can also call a mate, if you so choose, using some wonderful sacred objects representing what matters most to you, putting colors of red, white and rose on your altar and writing clear affirmations stating your highest desires.

The second issue will take some re-evaluation of what is missing in the relationship and what are the ways you might honor the flawed parts, communicate a more authentic way of celebrating each other and engage your partner in a dialogue to begin the process of renewal. Please go to the download section of my website and take a look at some of the articles, particularly Making the Shift from Performance to Pleasure and Sex and Spirit. I will be happy to send them to you if you email me.

Whatever you choose to do, please acknowledge that this is a magical time in nature and the birds are energizing the air with their calling and their pledges to one another. Just breathe in the air and feel the energy. And there is a bonus this year: the prophecy from the old song from Hair will be fulfilled on this February 14th. Remember the words?

When the Moon is in the seventh house
And Jupiter aligns with Mars.
Then peace will guide the planets
And love will steer the stars.

Well on this day, the moon is in Libra, the natural seventh house, and Jupiter and Mars will be very close together in the sign of Aquarius. So enjoy the magic!

Blessings to you, Linda


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