Happy Spring Equinox my friends,

This year in the Northern Hemisphere, March 20th is the Spring Equinox. Day and night will be equal in length. Also known as Ostara or Eostre (the origin of the name Easter) light and dark will be perfectly balanced. In ancient traditions the Vernal Equinox is known as the time of Green Fire.

My husband, Gary and I took a walk recently in Alta Vista Gardens. We have had an abundance of rain this year in San Diego and the month of March is famous for spectacular blooms in the high dessert regions. People travel from afar to hike into the Anza Borrego State Park to see them, and here we have a little slice of this paradise ten minutes away from our home. Plants have miraculously survived drought conditions and now are bursting forth. The incredible variety of green, from deep to light shades, along with the flowering, multi-colored blooms, feel so alive with energy.

The notion of Green Fire has fascinated me ever since I learned of it. It refers not only to sap rising, but also to the electrical energy pulsing through the growing plants. This is not a metaphor. Gary pointed out that it is literally electrical, like our nervous systems. Humans and plants have the same oscillation frequency, which may be why we can align with the energy of the plants when we pay attention. Many people meditate with them, sensing their responsiveness. I have long felt that this mutual receptivity is a survival strategy for humans, which enabled us to heal ourselves long before modern medical interventions. The benefits are countless.

Spring emerges, Jaya 2017

At this time, you can also tune into the surge of new life in your body as well. Spending time with plants: gardening, hiking or meditating with them will help you feel this. The green fire energy of spring is within us all, no matter our age. If you attune within, you will sense it. It may feel like extra vibrancy that translates into new projects and spring cleaning, or suddenly knowing you can do that thing you have been dreaming about, whereas before, you couldn’t imagine how it could happen.

This vibrancy is our Life Force Energy, and it connects us to all living things. The indigenous peoples know we are part of a great interspecies web, never separate from natural phenomenon, but affecting and being affected by all that exists on Earth. My conservationist daughter tells me that the Rainforest destruction rate has surged again; please spread the word so it does not go unnoticed.

Suzanne Simard, in a TED talk called “How Trees Talk to Each Other,” gives us the evidence of how sentient plants are. I fell in love with this talk, it brought me tears: http://www.ted.com/talks/suzanne_simard_how_trees_talk_to_each_other

Enjoy the Green, Linda


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