Happy Spring Everyone!

In the Northern Hemisphere, March 20th is the Spring Equinox: day and night will be equal in length. Also known as Eostre or Ostara it is the time when light and dark are perfectly balanced. I chose my wedding date to be as close to the Spring Equinox as possible because of the symbolism of equality and balance and I am happy to announce that we will celebrate 30 years together on March 23rd.

In the Earth Honoring traditions, the Vernal Equinox is known as the time of Green Fire. I urge you to pay attention to the green fire energy surging in all vegetation. Meditate in your garden or sit with a favorite outdoor tree or plant because there is an entirely different feel right now. As Barbara Kingsolver pointed out in her wonderful book, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, plants are programmed to respond to the arc of the sun. That is, when the daylight lengthens, they wake up and burst into new life.

As it turns out, working in a garden, especially putting your hands in dirt is good for your immune system and for your mental health! A study published in June of 2012 named this finding as "the farm effect" and if you would like to see more information, here’s Christiane Northrup’s summary of it:

"Dirt is not just good for children. We all need a little dirt in our lives!" — Christiane Northrup, M.D. http://tinyurl.com/jaxzfxf

How wonderful that we can reverse the effects of urban living and excessive cleansing with working with soil, perhaps even growing some of our own herbs and vegetables, adding to our health and well-being. Our daughter is taking a farming course, part classroom and part experiential, so every Saturday for six weeks she’ll be working with the soil, planting and feeling that green energy as well as getting the benefits of her hands in dirt.

I would like to close with a picture taken at Alta Vista Gardens on the day of the full moon, February 22nd of this year. My dear friend and fabulous medium, Keao and I were sitting out on a beautiful terrace in the midst of the gardens. Keao took this picture of the sky behind me and whatever you see in this picture, know it is not photo shopped or altered in any way. It brings me peace and a sense support from Source every day as it hangs in my bedroom. Enjoy spring, have faith in the intelligence of life and the abundance of nature.

We are loved beyond measure.

Blessings, Linda


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