To all my wonderful friends,

Happy spring to you all! This year March 20th is the Vernal Equinox and it heralds new beginnings. The first day of spring is also the astrological New Year as the sun enters the first sign of the zodiac, Ares. Spring Equinox is one of two moments in the Wheel of the Year when light and dark are perfectly balanced on the Equator.

In the Earth Honoring traditions, it is known as the time of Green Fire and it is quite something to experience. I urge you to pay attention to this green fire surging in all vegetation. Meditate in your garden or sit with a favorite plant because there is an entirely different energy right now. You can actually feel the growth of life as a kind of electric charge.

I am feeling the surge of new life everywhere and especially in my body. It recently occurred to me that this sap rising, or the electrical green fire, is a feeling going on within me as well. I suspect that if you tune into it within your self, you will sense it too. It may feel like extra vibrancy that translates into starting new projects and spring cleaning, or using Fung Shui in your house to enhance a certain aspect of your life, or suddenly knowing you can do that thing you have been dreaming about, whereas before, you couldn’t see how it could happen.

This vibrancy is our Life Force Energy, which is with you all the time, but like the seasons, it may feel quiet and contemplative in the winter months, yet now you may feel a new aliveness. I realize that life changes may override the seasonal rhythms of nature at particular times when big changes occur in your circumstances and often these may not be in synch with nature’s seasons. However, notwithstanding these special life circumstances, the experience of tuning into the energy of nature all around is our embodied birthright. We have too often ignored what’s going on with the natural world because of busy work and home lives. So I am offering the following meditation to you as a way to feel this aliveness in your body and to align with the springtime pulse of life.

Find a quiet and sunny spot in your yard, or a safe place in nature, where you can lie on the ground, using a towel or thin mat to cushion you. You want to be able to feel the earth beneath you, so keep it simple. Allow yourself to take three deep breaths and with each exhale, let out a sigh, or groan, or any sound that feels right. As you continue breathing, acknowledge your amazing body, bless its tides and rhythms that move within. Keep breathing deeply and focus you attention on Mother Earth, let her sounds and smells soothe you, and feel the steady pulse that is both your heartbeat and the heartbeat of nature. Take some time to simply breathe, focusing your attention on this pulse of nature that is also moving within your body. Just take time to notice all you can, connecting to this extraordinary pulse of life.

When you are ready, send your appreciation to the Earth, for her sustaining life and the nurturing energy of nature. Then slowly rise and take your time before returning to the business of human activity.

Enjoy this returning energy of green fire and continue to tap into your own life force as often as you can. Happy Spring!

Blessings, Linda

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Linda E. Savage, Ph.D.
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