In the Northern Hemisphere, March 20th is the Spring Equinox: day and night will be equal in length. It is the moment when light and dark are perfectly balanced. I chose my wedding date to be as close to the Spring Equinox as possible (given that it needed to be on the weekend) because of the symbolism of equality and balance; I am happy to announce that we will celebrate 25 years this Sunday.

Never before have I felt such a need to write about balance in regard to the interconnectedness of all life. After the news of the earthquakes, tsunami’s and nuclear meltdown in Japan, we have all become more aware that what happens thousands of miles away has great consequences to us all.

This weekend, I went on a DVD marathon because I needed to rest in the aftermath of gum surgery, and I watched the entire Planet Earth series produced by the BBC. Besides its magnificent entertainment value, the message is clear that our Mother Earth is made up of intricately intertwined ecosystems and when anything upsets the balance anywhere, there is an urgent need for re-balancing. I began reading some of the quotes from the book, Native American Wisdom, and Peter Blue Cloud’s heartfelt plea speaks volumes:

“Will you ever begin to understand the meaning of the very soil beneath your feet? From a grain of sand to a great mountain, all is sacred.”

And then for the tenth time, I watched the documentary, For the Next 7 Generations. I urge you to go to to order this DVD.

It is the story of the Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers who came from all four corners of the planet to meet in Seneca Falls, NY in 2004. These amazing women have been coming together every six months since then to travel the world with their message: Mother Earth is in trouble and she needs our help. In addition to speaking in support of indigenous peoples around the globe and asking for a greater awareness of indigenous plant wisdom along with Earth friendly practices, they are powerful wisdom keepers who share their visions with all who are willing to listen.

Whenever I feel helpless in the face of such large scale disaster, I remind myself that there is power in prayer. This is what the Grandmothers tell us; they pray daily, even hourly, for the health of the Earth and her peoples and they have asked us to join them. Please consider taking action to alleviate suffering wherever you can, or writing about a need that touches you deeply. And whenever possible meditate, pray and join your voice with others in gratitude for our Mother who sustains us.

Take the time on Sunday to tap into this celestial balance point on Earth and send out your intentions to help in the great healing process that is now underway.

Blessings, Linda

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