Midsummer Newsletter 2010

June 21st is one of the most universally honored times of the year known as Midsummer. The Summer Solstice, meaning “sun stands still” is one of the eight great spokes on the wheel of the seasons. The Druids' celebrated of the Midsummer as the wedding of Heaven and Earth. The moon around Midsummer was called the "Honey Moon" for the mead made from fermented honey that was part of wedding ceremonies performed at the Summer Solstice.

Given this theme of the wedding of Heaven and Earth, I want to talk a bit about relationships and how we can attract love and also increase positive energy in the relationships we have. As Abraham Hicks says, “When you love, you are who you really are.” The energy of love is the great transformer.

I have a favorite affirmation: I choose to focus on love in each moment. That might mean choosing the most loving action, or choosing to see the very best in my friends, family, clients and my Beloved. Most importantly, at any given moment, I choose to love myself when I am feeling less than perfect.

We all have patterns of thought about relationships, love, and sex. And we all have our stories of how relationships have worked or not worked well in our lives. Here are two steps to creating more of what you want:

  1. Deactivate limiting beliefs that are embedded in the stories we tell and
  2. Consciously develop new patterns of thought and emotional responses by changing your personal story.

# 1 The old beliefs, which are really repetitive patterns of thought. Examples are: “it’s so hard to find someone,” “there are hardly any good men/women out there,” “the good ones are already taken, “men don’t like _____________” “I never seem to get it right.”

These must be intentionally shifted.

Make a pact with yourself to let go of the notion that what is happening right now is Reality and realize that right now is shaped by your own perception and that can be changed. Perception is the creative force of change

Since emotions are the truest reflection of your alignment with what you desire, it is not enough to simply repeat an affirmation over and over if that doesn’t make you feel great. Try saying this for a moment:

“I feel my delicious relationship vibrating with absolute love”

What comes up for you? Are you saying “yes” in your whole being? Are you feeling out of alignment with this statement? Are you thinking, well where is this delicious relationship?

So how do we clean up the vibrations that lead to attracting the same difficult patterns? And how can we appreciate ourselves as precious, powerful and essential beings with amazing individual qualities that attract positive relationships?

It may sound corny but have a ritual of marriage at the Summer Solstice with the masculine and feminine inside yourself, bringing greater balance within.

Most of us could use a rebalancing. The masculine and feminine represent two streams the life force that flows through us, intertwining much like the image of DNA strands. These energies influence so much of our emotions. When they are out of balance, we feel off, irritable, even sad at times. In that moment, it is our point of attraction.

I have written a guided meditation for the marriage of the masculine and feminine within which may be incorporated into your personal ritual and I will be happy to send the script to anyone who emails me at lindasavagephd@goddesstherapy.com

#2 The second step is to focus clearly on what you desire rather than focusing on what is lacking. Make a list of what you desire—the positive things you want from a current relationship or someone you want to bring into your life. Then create a set of affirmations and find some images that reflect these and put them on a poster board to read every day. It may take some time to see results yet you already benefit from feeling more hopeful—hope is the most important feeling that tells you that you are close.

Now when you speak about your relationship (the current one or the one on its way) tell a different story, to yourself and to your friends, the story that will reflect your new patterns of thought and beliefs about relationships and how well they work in your life. Tell this story until you believe it; until you are aligned with the certainty that it is so.

We are now only two and a half years away from the much discussed 2012 event at the Winter Solstice that heralds in the return of the Divine Feminine. From my mind, this may be the culmination but we have seen this return in so many ways and it comes at a crucial time for the Earth. In some way, for both men and women, it is really about a rebalancing of those energies within and then carrying this forward into Sacred Partnerships and Sacred Community.

Blessings, Linda


Maiden, Mother, Wise Woman: Reclaiming Our Sexuality

Reclaiming Goddess Sexuality, Revised Edition

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Linda E. Savage, Ph.D.
Author of Reclaiming Goddess Sexuality: The Power of the Feminine Way
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