Lammas Blessings Dear Friends,

August 2nd is Lammas (meaning loaf-mass), the feast time at the beginning of the three traditional harvest festivals (the others are September 22nd and November 1st). What is unique this year is less than three weeks after Lammas we will see a total Solar Eclipse in the US at the time of the new moon in Aquarius on August 21st, 11:30 am PDT. This will intensify your intentions so choose your focus wisely.

Lammas celebrates the first fruits of Mother Earth’s bounty; baking loaves from the first grains and offering them at a communal meal is central to the festival. Traditionally, the first sheaf would often be ceremonially cut at dawn, winnowed, ground and baked into the Harvest Bread that was then shared by the community in gratitude.

Open, Jaya 2017

The fall theme of gratitude for the blessings we receive is still honored with Thanksgiving in the US and Canada. There has also been a resurgence of interest in keeping gratitude journals worldwide. Writing or reviewing silently what we are grateful for each day has benefitted millions.

What I am grateful for right now came to me as I meditated this morning. I am in deep appreciation for the guidance I receive every day, both small nudges for simple things and the big AHA’s that help me create so much of what I do. For me, meditation (in whatever form it takes) helps me become receptive and notice more synchronicities as they appear in my perceptual field. The more I acknowledge these “cooperative components” (a term from the Abraham-Hicks wisdom) the more I notice them. Sometimes I literally hear a word or phrase in my mind, not from the chattering Monkey Mind, but from a calm wisdom that becomes clearer to me the more often I act from this inspired place.

For example, every time I’ve tuned in to write this newsletter for the past year, I wait for something unique to show up in my environment or in my dreams or meditation and then use this to spark my imagination and write from that inspired place. For the Midsummer letter, it was my friend from Peru coming to visit and telling us his story of the Machu Machu.

I encourage you to tune in to your own feelings of appreciation for blessings in your life. However you feel inspired, whether by writing or sharing your feelings of gratitude with loved ones, or any other method that helps you enter into the feeling of appreciation, that will be wonderful. Vibrationally gratitude, appreciation and love are in the same dimension, and the more you access this dimension the more you allow blessings to show up.

Enjoy the blessings of Lammas, Linda

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