Hello My Friends,

We are in the season of Lammas, a time when agricultural communities offer fruit and loaves of bread from the first harvest in thanksgiving to Mother Earth for her abundance. Lammas, on August 1st, is the beginning of the three traditional harvests, the other two being Mabon on September 20th and Samhain on October 31st. These celebrations highlight the strength of community and the sharing of our gifts with each other.

Lammas honors the Pregnant Goddess: it is Mother Earth ready to give birth. Let’s harness the metaphor of pregnancy and giving birth as a way to explore how to bring something into manifestation. Think of the concept of pregnancy as being full of an idea that has been gestating for some time, something you have planned, felt very excited about, and have visualized for a long time. It does not matter whether you are male or female the experience is universal: having a creative project to which you are about to give birth.

What is interesting about the final stages of pregnancy is that there is often a moment of hesitation, a “do I really want to go through with this” kind of questioning which is the voice of our fears. It takes hard work to give birth and the effort sometimes appears to be beyond our capabilities. Just like the act of childbirth, whether one cooperates or fights the process has a lot to do with the outcome. So you might ask yourself: What do I need to become ready? What are my fears and who or what might help me?

I have learned from my own child birthing experiences to surrender and trust in the guiding forces that you have set in motion in your life. You can use your fears to mobilize you, just the same as you would in any crisis. There are countless stories of ordinary folks doing extraordinary things when faced with an immediate need. Set your intention that this challenge to take action and to give birth to your “baby” is not at all beyond your abilities. You can access quick response skills by marshalling the energy within and being fully present in the moment. Use action as the force that dispels fear rather than allowing doubt to paralyze you.

Interestingly, right now there is an astrological phenomenon that can give you a push to start the birthing process. There is a very important T-Square configuration involving Saturn, Uranus and Pluto. In a nutshell it means a call to action and a need to change. Pam Younghans wrote a very insightful article from which I have summarized. You can find it on www.northpointastrology.com.

This very week, the triggering power of the planetary configuration is at its maximum, especially with a push from Mars making it more likely that once you move, help will be provided through the energy. Both Saturn and Uranus are exactly in opposition in the first degree of their respective cardinal signs: Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Libra. Pam says “Cardinal signs are defined by the desire and ability to initiate action. This means we use the courage and leadership qualities of Aries in equal measure with the harmonizing, cooperative traits of Libra. And, that we integrate the unconventionality, inventiveness and originality of Uranus with the stability, responsibility and proven methods of Saturn.” The planet Pluto, which stimulates powerful transformations, is in the cardinal sign of Capricorn completing the three points of a T-Square.

The opposition of these two giants (first occurring at the time of the Presidential election) is truly a golden opportunity. Add Pluto into the mix and there is great power. We must respond fully in the now which is the only moment that counts when we take action. According to Pam, our intention will “grant us stronger and clearer access to the insights we need to guide our next steps.”

This is the kind of planetary energy that is with us throughout this harvest season. So I encourage you all to take advantage of its power by focusing on the creative “being” you want to birth. Please remember that giving birth was never meant to be a solitary experience; it always takes the support of many loving people, so find solutions to the dilemmas you face by calling on the collective powers of your community of friends.

I welcome any and all comments and ask for your support in my own birthing process for the novel I am writing. I will be happy to offer my prayers for your projects, so let me know about them.

Blessings of the Harvest,


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