Celebrate the Return of the Light, My Friends,

The end of January to the middle of February is filled with astrological and ancient significance. January 31st we will witness another Super Moon, this time in Leo, where the full moon appears much larger because the moon is closer to the Earth. Imbolc is February 2nd and on the 15th there is a Solar Eclipse at the new moon in Aquarius. The next day is the Chinese New Year as we welcome in the Year of the Dog.

In the US, most people think of February 2nd as Groundhog Day, the portent of how many more weeks of winter are in store. However, for thousands of years, Imbolc, meaning “in the belly” was a sign of hope for other very specific reasons. There would be lambs born in the spring because the ewes had milk coming in. There are also noticeable signs that little by little the days are lengthening. Imbolc is the time of hope for new life and the return of the light.

I want to share my experience on January 20th that brought me hope. I hadn’t been able to participate in the Women’s March last year. So this year, I signed up for a local affiliated march in the town next to mine. It was a massive gathering of all of North County San Diego’s women, men and children who shared the values of diversity, fairness to all and especially women’s right to have a place at the table where decisions are made: decisions that are effecting our children, our families, our ability to earn equal wages and especially decisions about our country’s governing laws as well as the policies affecting Mother Earth.

The sense of commitment to march in a crowd of thousands is an amazing experience. We were all uniquely different and yet we shared a common desire to make an impact, to have a voice, and to choose love over fear (as many of the posters stated). This shared community is what allows us to persevere. After this, I won’t be the same because I will be able to access this memory to help me feel hope in these times.

May you find your own path to hope and light in your life,

Love, Linda


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