Dear Friends,

Let us rejoice in the return of the light,

February 2nd is one of the cross quarter days of the great Celtic Wheel of the Year. It is an ancient Celtic festival that was celebrated for millennia known as Imbolc, which means “in the belly.” The signs of pregnant ewe meant lambs would be born in the spring. In the northern latitudes, people began to feel hope for new life even with a harsh winter going strong.

Chinese New Year was on January 23rd and it is the year of the Water Dragon. This is considered a very lucky year, in contrast to some of the doom and gloom predictions of those who would focus on fear. There is much written about 2012—for example Serpent of the Light: Beyond 2012 by Dunvalo Mechizedek is one very hopeful version which highlights the return of the Divine Feminine into our consciousness and the emphasis on values such as compassion, nurturance and communal and planetary cooperation. The Mayan Calendar seemingly ends at the Winter Solstice of 2012, yet I choose to believe that it signifies the endless spiral of life and we simply begin a new era with a balance of the masculine and feminine that will serve the light.

One of my favorite images of Kuan-Yin is where she is depicted serenely balanced on a dragon swimming in a stormy sea; in one hand she is holding a sacred elixir. Kuan-Yin is the Goddess of compassion, mercy, and magic and the dragon is an ancient symbol of power, wisdom and transformation. As we enter this year we can call on Kuan-Yin for help for both spiritual and material dilemmas. Since she vowed never to forsake us as long as there was one human being who had not yet seen the light of truth and she is with us whenever we need her.

I will be away on a short vacation until the 1st of February, back in time to celebrate the return of the light of Imbolc. May this year bring you a wonderful expansion of consciousness.

Blessings, Linda

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