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Most people think of February 2nd as Ground Hog day, if they think of it at all. But February 2nd is also an ancient Celtic festival that was celebrated for centuries known as Imbolc, which means "ewe’s milk." In the northern latitudes, it was the time people began to feel hope for new life in the spring. Living through a long winter was not easy when people had to grow and store enough to sustain themselves for many months without our modern storage and shipping options and when they saw that the female sheep were pregnant, it was an important sign of coming life in the midst of cold and snow.

I live in a southern area. San Diego has been blessed with some of the best weather anywhere in the US so it may seem strange that I honor this time, yet Imbolc has come to signify for me the importance of hope, which is much needed for all of us right now. Hope that we can continue on our chosen paths, hope that crisis situations will improve, and hope that we will thrive in the face of so much fear that is bouncing around like toxic free radicals. Please remember that it is relationships that matter most. Our riches are truly in the friends and family we have. We are in a time of unbelievable world wide networking and our circle of those we are connected with is an ever expanding web. The more connections we acknowledge, the more we care. Most of us have a very diverse community of people and this is our strength.

The Earth needs to be a sustainable environment and I believe that we will find our way to renew our faith in each other and honor our planetary home. All the generosity that we have seen in the face of Haiti's need has to do with compassionate humanity reaching out. It’s that kind of response that gives me hope.

Whatever you can do, whatever you can focus on that gives you that feeling of hope, it is time to do it. The Catholic Church called the February 2nd festival Candlemas. They honored it by lighting candles that symbolized that very same kindling of hope. I encourage you to light a candle and send hope out to into the world, along with whatever intentions and prayers for yourself and for those you hold dear.

I’ve added a blog on Huffington Post called “Sex for Sleep?” as part of their month long focus on insomnia. You can check it out at  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/linda-e-savage/sex-for-sleep_b_423856.html I had some fun with this one and you may enjoy it.

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