Blessings Fall Equinox Greetings Dear Friends,

In Celtic Tradition, this is Mabon, or the fall equinox, and it is the second of three traditional harvest festivals (August 2nd and October 31st are the others). On the day of the autumnal equinox the sun crosses the equator from the Northern to the Southern Hemisphere. Only twice yearly do we see this balance of light and dark. For 2013, this occurs on September 22nd, when the sun rises exactly in the east and sets exactly in the west over the equator. Day and night will be the same length. Just after the Harvest Moon in Pisces (Sept 19th), we will have a moment in time when day and night are in balance.

I have written many times about the concept of balance and yet never really understood it until recently when I’ve faced a personal challenge that has left me out of balance, physically. The doctors suspect I have had a mild stroke that has affected the area in my brain which controls the sense of balance and I walk with great caution—sort of like a sailor just off a ship. I will never take the idea of balance for granted again.

My good friend, Simone Butler at has written about the extraordinary period we are in at the moment. Saturn, planet of structure and commitment as well as letting go of all that does not serve you, and Venus, planet of love, creativity and beauty, are conjoined in Scorpio on the 19th, This happens only once in 29-30 years, which is the length of a Saturn cycle around the zodiac. Since the conjunction intersects with the Moon’s north node, she tells us that this is extremely rare. Simply put, Simone says “There is tremendous magic afoot . . .” I urge you to read the blog in its entirety but for me, letting go of my former rapid form of moving in the world and finding a way to connect to my physical balance in a new way is a very deep letting go.

The ray of hope is that my physical symptoms may be temporary yet I am forever changed at my core. I will take more time for anything I do—walking, dressing, cooking, talking with loved ones and helping those who come to me for support. I will seek to balance my life by slowing down a bit and listening to the inner wisdom, which needs the time between going here to there in order to be heard. I consider this my Venus part of the Saturn/Venus conjunction—love for self and others.

I hope you have been watching this beautiful Harvest Moon, and are taking time for yourself as well as your loved ones. I also hope you are committing yourself to a creative project that will fulfill an important dream for you.

Blessings, Linda

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